Thursday, February 18, 2010

Damn Aphids!

Help! Our garden is being attacked by aphids.

Gonna use Garden Guy's recipe:

2 T blue dishwashing liquid
1 gallon water
1 T cooking oil.

Meanwhile, the crops are big and beautiful and delicious. We've really been enjoying our bok choy (pak choi), spinach and various lettuces.

Photos to follow.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sheesh! Well, we must have fertile soil, because we are getting mushrooms up the kazoo!! Some have the stereotypical mushroom head, some look like alien spores, but let me tell you one thing, they are all pissing me off! When they start dying, they start getting slimy, and if they are slimy next to a vegetable, it seems that they are helping decompose it. Yuck!

It seems that some of the veggies are stunted, or are just not growing very quickly. Some of the lettuce doesn't look like it has grown at all. From the seeds Tammi planted, we are getting teeny tiny Kale, and Sweet onion sprouts coming up. We put a bird netting over the seeds to keep those moochers out. By the way, bird netting is pretty invisible at night, so if you are walking to your composter at ten pm, watch your step! I dang near pulled it out of the ground a couple of times.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We're not really in Maui....yet

Cart before the horse, maybe. But it is our dream to have a small, organic farm in Maui. We're starting with a small garden here in Glendale, Arizona to test our growing skills. I'm Farmer Tammi and Farmer Herc is my significant other (gotta start visualizing this stuff, folks). This is our blog. We will use this space to post photos, gardening achievements, um...blunders and anything else relative to this journey.

To begin, we live in zone 9. You can find out which zone you live in here by entering your zip code.
We have tons of seed that I purchased out of sheer excitement but I'm not sure if we'll get to it all this fall growing season. The good thing about living in Arizona is that we have an extended growing season.

We bought seedlings from Baker Nursery, which I highly recommend for organic seedlings if you live here. Great customer service and nice extensive seedling choices. So far we've planted Romaine Lettuce, sugar snap peas, Marigolds (to keep some bugs at bay), Red lettuce, banana pepper, early girl tomatoes, spinach, celery, orange mint, jalapeƱo peppers, hungarian wax peppers, red peppers. The latter four were planted in containers. We still have to plant our strawberry and lavender seedlings.

Oh, I almost forgot, the herb garden. We have Cilantro, Mexican Oregano, Rosemary and chamomile.

I know it sounds like we're all over the map but we're lucky enough to have this space for our test garden. We're both very excited.

Today, we purchased a composter from the City of Phoenix for a mere $5. They cut the residential garbage cans in half and poke holes in them and voila! You have a composter. Great idea as far as being green and reusing. Glendale, for the record, is lame and does not offer its residents composters. Sigh...They also don't take glass for recycling but I digress...

We started the garden on dead grass which Herc dug up (thanks, babe) and mixed with a little bit of the hard, icky clay soil and then added some top soil and compost we got from Singh Farms. They don't have a website.