Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sheesh! Well, we must have fertile soil, because we are getting mushrooms up the kazoo!! Some have the stereotypical mushroom head, some look like alien spores, but let me tell you one thing, they are all pissing me off! When they start dying, they start getting slimy, and if they are slimy next to a vegetable, it seems that they are helping decompose it. Yuck!

It seems that some of the veggies are stunted, or are just not growing very quickly. Some of the lettuce doesn't look like it has grown at all. From the seeds Tammi planted, we are getting teeny tiny Kale, and Sweet onion sprouts coming up. We put a bird netting over the seeds to keep those moochers out. By the way, bird netting is pretty invisible at night, so if you are walking to your composter at ten pm, watch your step! I dang near pulled it out of the ground a couple of times.